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lecithin moisturizer recipe

Do you have to be compelled to wash your hands often? As a nurse, I in all probability wash my hands a minimum of twenty times every day. 

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will winter or dry weather leave you with rough, unsmooth hands? I realize that my hands really want special attention within the winter. this text provides ways that to use healing essential oils in easy recipes for lotion that may soften the skin and effectively make full wet to rough, dry hands. 

I actually have found the only thanks to use essential oils with lotion is to feature my favorite oils to a top quality, non-scented, non-perfumed, natural lotion base.

This formula is for a good moisturizing lotion for the skin:
• eight ounces of lotion base
• fifteen drops of herb
• ten drops of myrrh
• five drops of ylang ylang.

Always use solely pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Add the essential oils to the lotion base, gently combine the answer, and add a label with the ingredients to the instrumentality. herb and myrrh area unit classic essential oils for healing the skin. I add ylang ylang simply because i like its aroma. a awfully necessary principle of aromatherapy is that the buyer likes the aroma. If they do not am passionate about it, they will not use it. There area unit several combos that you simply will use.

For unsmooth hands, attempt adding ten drops every of rosewood, patchouli and herb to around eight ounces of a top quality unperfumed lotion base. Apply on location pro re nata.

For dry skin, attempt adding ten drops every of rose, Roman Anthemis nobilis, and wood to eight ounces of lotion base. be sure that solely pure, therapeutic grade essential oils area unit used.

If you're curious about creating your own lotion to feature the essential oils to, this terribly previous formula can facilitate cool and soften the skin, similarly as clean stains from hands:
• one ounce of rosewater (floral oil water)
• one ounce of recent squeezed juice
• one ounce of alcohol
• ten drops of your selection of therapeutic grade essential oils

Put all of those ingredients along during a clean instrumentality and shake gently. Label the bottle with the ingredients and directions to shake well before victimization whenever and store within the white goods. This has to be used at intervals 2-3 weeks, therefore it's informed create tiny amounts at a time.

Here is another formula for a winter lotion:
• 1/2 cup of water or rosewater
• 1/2 cup of jojoba carrier oil
• one Tablespoon of phospholipid
• one capsule of tocopherol
• 10-20 drops of your selection of pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Put the water/rosewater, jojoba and phospholipid during a mixer and whip till it forms a pleasant lotion. you'll be able to add a lot of water/rosewater if you need a dilutant lotion. Cut open the tocopherol capsule and add the tocopherol and essential oils at the tip. phospholipid is AN wetter, or combination agent, that helps oil and water rest. Mix well. Store in clean instrumentality and label with the ingredients.

While a cream could be a oil with water intercalary, it's a perfect moisturizer for dry skin, Lotion contains a lot of water than cream, therefore it's dilutant and fewer oily. The consistency of lotion makes it ideal for traditional to oily skin. it's the standard of spreading simply ANd does not leave an oily coat over the skin. Adding essential oils enhances its therapeutic price.



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